Saturday, 5 August 2017

Kitchen cupboard lights

Earlier on in the blog I mentioned that I was going to have under cupboard lighting....I got around to it eventually but even so I've not connected them to power yet so I just hope they work!
this is how I went about it....
Here you see some brass eyelets (large enough to take a grain of wheat bulb), bulbs connected to wire and my trusty little hand drill'

On the underside of the cupboard I drilled a hole and inserted one of the brass eyelets, then threaded the bulb through

I secured the wire with masking tape making sure that the bulb sits neatly in the eyelet. I then made a small groove at the top of the back of the cupboard to lead the wire through so that it will lay nicely at the back when I add the cupboard top.

I must get them connected now and see if they work ok....

Et Voila! They do!

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